Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Then assign the output source as “From Computer”. Under the Options menu you must also activate Multi-Record to record more than one input at a time in Cubase. Click on the General tab and set the clock source to Internal if there are no digital devices connected to your interface’s digital inputs. In this window you should also choose the Sample Rate of the File you are about to record. I keep getting the “ASIO device could not be initialized” notice. I would have done that immediately if by chance none of the other programs worked but they did.

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Worst case scenarios are that I’ll advise to update a driver that you already did since, or to remove a driver that might have already been removed.

Power down your MOTU hardware. Zip or rar these files then.

Essentials Only Full Version. Assign one bank to Analog. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

And the Oscar goes to It works will all the audio programs including Sonar just fine! Use this version if you are using Panther The following steps will help get you started in Cubase VST: Traveler users can also install the Traveler Hardware Update azio 1. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


– Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications – Part 1

If you are working with a digital transfer, you should be extra careful that the sample rate of Sonar and MOTU Hardware match the sample rate of the digital source. Choose your File Bit Depth – 16 or 24 bit. Apparently, this MOTU system worked prior to switching to Windows 7, but every place tells me it should work now.

Traveler users who do not have the version 1. Sat Dec 29, The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2. In the Master Mix window you can now assign your sub-groups to stereo output pairs on the I’m posting this asil at the Avid forum as well, as I desperately need to get this system working.

While using, be careful not to choose update, but rather actually choose uninstall. The most recent was in July of Dual-Core Integrated Data Cache: I don’t know what else to do. Mac OS X version Windows mitu 64 Bit i 3. I’m guessing you have an ASUS motherboard.


Cubase VST and MOTU PCI-324 Audio interfaces

Use this install if you are using one of the supported interfaces below, and are running OSX You might start by renaming AUD. Use WinZip to expand. Only Asio drivers are available for selection within Sonar!

If you are using your MOTU audio interface for the first time with Sonar, you may be prompted to run the Wave Profiler upon launching the application. In the Mixing Window you can Command-Click on the input buttons to select any available input. You will only have the option of selecting inputs that you have already enabled with the PCI Console. Supported MOTU products include: