Safety During Operation In this manual, the following important symbols are used: Click the title of the manual you want to view. Data In indicator printer mode The Data In indicator shows the status of data reception from a computer. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Allows you to expand the interface. Getting Started This section describes how to start using this machine. The model names of the machines do not appear in the following pages.

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Reception You can store received fax documents in electrical format without printing it onto paper. Recommended Paper Sizes and Types The following table shows recommended types, sizes, and capacity of copy pa- per loadable in each tray. Hestetner Drivers for This Machine Printing requires installation of a printer driver for your operating system.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Fax Transmission and Reception Through the Internet You can send fax documents via e-mail by specifying the recipient’s e-mail ad- dress Internet Fax Transmission.

We recommend that network administrators use this application. The model names of the machines do not appear in the following pages. You can change the System Reset time. Operation switch Press this switch to turn the power on the On indicator lights up. Surface may be very hot. The browser opens, and then the manual appears.


Options Options This section introduces the names and functions of main optional parts. For safe and correct use, be sure to read the Safety Information in this manual before using the machine.


You can select or specify an item by lightly pressing them. Entering characters Press [Shift] to switch between uppercase and lowercase. Page 28 Allows you to expand the interface. Specifications for the Main Unit This section describes specifications for the main unit.

If the document is copied, scanned, or stored in a Document Server by a copier or multifunction printer, the embedded text appears conspicuous in the copy, discouraging such unauthorized copying. Press the operation switch. Operating Instructions Read this manual carefully before you use this machine and keep it handy for future reference.

Dos and Don’ts The following information should be kept in mind during use of this machine.

Tray Paper Type Metric Version Monitoring the Machine Via Computer You can monitor machine status and change settings using a computer. Notice Notice Important Do not copy or print any item for which reproduction is prohibited by law.


Using the Scanner in a Network Environment You can use a scanner over the network.

Gestetner DSm725e About Manual

This section describes how to enter characters. To prevent misfeeds, do not use the following kinds of paper: Appendix This section describes Dos and Don’ts, and copy paper. Appendix DeskTopBinder-SmartDeviceMonitor for Client DeskTopBinder-SmartDeviceMonitor for Client allows you to manage and print various data such as files created with an application, images scanned with a scanner, and existing images as one document.

The preceding list is meant as a guide only and gestetnre not inclusive.

Opening the Installed Operating Instructions This section explains how to open installed manuals. With a finisher optionalyou can sort and staple copies. Set the paper size selector to the p mark, and then specify the paper size. Press the letters you want to enter. Exposure glass cover Lower this cover over originals.