From the outline view, this reader and reader g6 ds real shape is very similar, so there is a friend to ask questions, whether this reader can read the contents of the other cassette, the answer is no. Before the first use is recommended, do a full format, so as not to swap files and other problems. Placed in the root directory xmenu. When combined with PC-side software enables much more. Click to download this file Category: DS Fire Link – the No.

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Built-in NAND chips, more high-speed stability, without worrying about the game Slow down and read the time, without the use of external memory card; 3.

Is not a bad hardware? From the firelijk of point of view, mainly in the reader, burn mode to use a special card reader, and the card is no longer required by Slot2 transmission.

DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

Built Nand storage, scalability is not strong. Tested copyed a 64MB file size of ROM, that is, we often say Mb game that requires about 1 minute, the same as with firelonk fire link.

Of course not, Do not worry, this is normal, because the FAT system, which accounts for the cluster changed much, which is nothing to file down. The writer came for some time, for various reasons have not been formally meet you and, after a long wait, finally packaged with the new show in front of people.

Dawn of Sorrow” animation titles do not slow down the phenomenon. I am sure you will be concerned about the speed issue, separate burner support USB2.

Opti FireLink USB 4-Port PCI Card –

Due to formatting program comes WINDOWS generally not well formatted Firellnk removable disk, so if you need to format cassette, please use cassette comes formatted program, or may occur cassette does not recognize the problem, and formatting See above.

In addition; The game saves automatically backed up to the built-in chip, using only each game Li’s archive area, but it can be copied out of the long-term preservation or friends post In other archives; 5. True card size, thickness is right, will not get stuck Category: Click to download this file Category: In fact, this cassette was formerly ds fire link, you can see from the packaging site, renamed Fcard it means that you upgrade to the second generation.


New packaging and the old version of FC card has very different color from the previous white primary colors turned gray, the picture for the new burner adjustments have been made, and many of my friends will find their names fitelink have some differences: Copy NDS game, you can own filing folders, support for multi-level file folder, the system will automatically identify all games cassette.

Old version 1Gb copy of the game, which is MB on your computer, copy time is 90 seconds is to increase the speed of almost one-third.

Macally Bg Opti Firelink 82c Uh PCI 2-port USB Adapter Card | eBay

Slot2 card directly from the burning, easy to use; good compatibility, support a lot of games of Download Play feature. Yes, turned off automatic backup archive, the latest kernel and supporting archive retrieval has been enabled by default archive backup feature does not require you to manually operate, upgrade to the latest kernel and system files to Q: The firmware version number and the system version of the file to correspond to normal access ksb, each new release will have the appropriate system files, such as system files corresponding to 2.

Only the last run of the archive is stored hsb the storage IC ROM, and other archives are automatically backed up to the same ROM file folder, each boot after the charge stored in the archive IC can be kept for 15 frelink, stored in a removable disk in archive files can be stored permanently.

After the loss of system files can be formatted in the download area Xiazai, recopy the cassette root directory, just copy a file to the cassette xmenu.


The use of time comparable to the original card, long life time; 7. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit. Back up your firelonk before formatting good.

Third, Quick Start F card has done a quick format operation at the factory, for the first time recommended a complete formatting operation. Brush free, free guide, free conversion, driver-free, plug-and-true use; 2. Archive retrieval download Category: Such benefits are self-evident, if we need to burn the game just ndsl no electricity, traditional ds fire link is no way to burn the game, and this advantage is that no independent reader can ndsl Direct Burn!

Opti FireLink USB 4-Port PCI Card

Slightly inferior to the high-speed TF card, but it has been very good. The appearance of a dedicated reader with a few months ago G6DS Real reader is almost identical.

Today received a called Fcard flash card, which is a built-cassette storage space, and an external memory card like r4 cassette compared to ease a lot stronger, players do not consider tf card compatibility question, it is easy to get started.

Placed in the root directory xmenu. Tirelink read speed also with ds fire link as satisfactory test “Castlevania: Oh, please be assured that as long as a little push from behind, the card will be taken out. Since it is so natural to copy U disk and U disk file is the same as copy and paste, and through an independent writer users can conveniently copy various files to flash cards and portable, even without NDS host can also be used as U disk to use alone a.