Cutting Protection Strip for Master Cutter The very first job I did I took a black and white logo on a business card and followed the instructions in the tutorial on how to scan and vectorize and the logo turned out perfect on my first try. I dont want to get into another arguement about these plotters, some will tell you they are great,but they have never owned a better machine to compare it to.. August 11th, It’s nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people you talk to in a forum.

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Occasionally I get an error message that just has a question mark wit a YES or No option and the cutter stops. January 3rd, I have tried different cutting speeds hoping this would help, however it doesn’t matter what speed I use, I get the same results. I get this when I go to look up design No longer a registered user.

MASTER Vinyl Cutter Plotter (Desay Canada)

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A different forum said that it was made by GCC which would be great because weve used one from them for the last 5 years with little or no problems. May 14th, May 14, 2: You won’t be able to post until your email address has been confirmed.


Tweet about this Thread! The version of Windows you are running How is your cutter connected to the computer serial cable, USB etc. If I hit the yes maste the cutter resumes like nothing happened. Master XY from Desay.

I think the Master is made by GRC, and the reason being is because it looks exactly like the Panthers signwarehouse. I don’t see em anywhere Contact Us Call Us: The second cut went half way and then the roller stopped turning and the cutting head went straight across the vinyl cutting it until the carriage went to the far and and just jammed up against the side.

Apr 3, 7 Meatball New Member 1 0 0 Apr 3, hi, just wondering about this plotter, what software do you have working with it? I dont want to get into another arguement about these plotters, some maeter tell you they are great,but they have never owned a better machine to compare it to.

desay master xyp – USCutter Refine Cutting Plotter Support Requests – USCutter Forum

Apr 11, It seems to happen 2 out of 3 times destroying tons of vinyl. Quote message in reply? What software does it need??? Flexi data cable from cutter head to mainboard Model: The difference is really cosmetic, the LCD panel is a tad different and there are ridges where as the Panther is smooth.


Desay Master Cutter Driver – Competitor Cutter Help – USCutter Forum

But when you experience a real machine like a Graphtec, you’ll just want to throw away the Master plotter. There are apparently direct cutting drivers for Coreldraw but I haven’t tried to set up for this. Any opinions on the XYP?

Type Your Message Below: I agree that the customer service is ok, but their english is very bad to say the least.

Mar 23, 5 Grady Member 52 0 0 Jan 14, I’d say something is wrong I have read other postings on other boards about these plotters, mostly how to get it to work with various software. It’s been 14 months that I’ve played with mine, and have been so busy that almost none of the projects it was bought for was done.

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