The syntax would be: Using CSS selectors to locate elements has some benefits: This CSS selector example shows how NOT to select by specific attribute value Suppose you have many elements which share the same attribute and attribute value, but some of those elements have other variables appended to the value. This is by far my favorite CSS selector and I find it greatly simplifies a lot of my test code. One of the most important aspects of test automation is to be able to identify different elements on the page to interact with.

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Take note of their HTML tag, class, and attributes. Notice that it webfriver contained in a form named “home. Each element is indexed with a number starting from 0 just like an array You specify which element you wish to access by putting its index number into the square brackets in getElementsByName’s syntax below.

If we want to select the fourth li element Goat in this list, we can use the nth-of-type, which will find the fourth li in the list. What is a Scrollbar?

Change the index number to 1 so that your Target will now become document. Locating by Name using Filters Filters can be used when multiple elements have the same name. A Scrollbar is a lets you move around screen in horizontal or vertical This is by far my favorite CSS selector and I find it greatly simplifies a lot of my test code.


Use this demo page http: Find the below links on How to find elements on a web page using different types of locators. Take a note of its Tag and Attribute. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. Navigate to Mercury Tours Homepage and use Firebug to inspect the orange rectangle to the right of the yellow “Links” box. For this example, we will selectoors their ‘tabindex’ attributes. Most of the automation testers believe that using CSS selectors makes the execution of script faster compared to XPath locator.

Selectorx has an exclusive experience in the field of Software Testing.

This is particularly useful when we want to find elements that start with a certain character send with a certain character s or contain a particular character s. Follow the below screenshot to do so. In certain Selenium Automation Tests, there is a need to control keyboard or Using Firebug, inspect the Selsctors text box in Facebook and notice that it has the same name as the Email or Phone text box.

Of all these three radio buttons, this element comes first, so it has an index of 0. However, most of them do need Locators. Take note of its HTML tag which is “font” in this case and notice that it has no class, id, or name attributes. Take extra care when using the short form notations, especially the. When multiple elements have the same HTML tag and attribute, only the first one will webdrivfr recognized.


Click the Find button and notice that the “Email or Phone” text box becomes highlighted with yellow and bordered with green, meaning, Selenium IDE was able to locate that element correctly.

WebDriver-CSS Selector | Best Company for Automation Testing | Codoid

Sauce Labs makes automated testing awesome. Go to Mercury Tours homepage. You access the individual elements using an index which starts at 0. Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. We can use the same approach to locate by id and class attributes, however, there are short forms that we can use to make it more readable.

Learn CSS Selector Selenium WebDriver Tutorial [Without Using Any Tools]

Let us access the “Economy class” radio button first. Value to be added in the By.

The form in that page has no name and ID attribute, so this will make a good example. Locating by CSS Selector is more complicated than the previous methods, but it is the most common locating strategy of advanced Selenium users because it can access even those elements that have no ID or name. The Phone text box should still become highlighted.