The utility reports information about the computer and provides settings for startup, security, and other preferences. But it worked, laptop fired up right off, no issues. Remove all screws 1 that secure the display panel assembly to the display enclosure. Angga May 12, I m so happy can I call you.

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So dont make people hope.

Fixing Compaq motherboard video

I will try to install Ubuntu and see if it can detect my sound card. Last night I was up until 3am taking the thing apart and puting it back together. The lead played a vital vompaq in solder giving it much better tolerance to expansion through heat where compaa the new stuff just cracks. Does not work on my Compaq F all that happened after this was it was boot looping without video, if you hold down esc and power on it would stay on but without video.


FlawleZ October 14, I know the new soldering material blows but lead based compounds are dangerous to our feeble bodies! Can you post the link to where you found one that worked? Look on the board next to the small battery, near the wireless card slot, there are two hexagon screws that are attached to the touch pad. Do you still have a garbled screen this way? Phillip Thorne April 11, I went and they want Also See for Compaq Presario,Presario V Maintenance and service manual – pages User manual – pages Hardware and software manual – pages.


I guess you can try it again. If I start to close the screen, when it gets maybe three incles from being all the way shut, I can see the black go back to black, but when I reopen the screen the problem reemerges.

Can you test the AC adapter and make sure it outputs correct voltage? If you are unsure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, turn the computer on, and then shut it down through the operating system.

Open the computer as far as possible. You x; to have found them Checkout my website since Compaq presario v xp wrote a small story on how to do that and what drivers to use.

Remove the screws 2 that secure the LCD panel to the display rear panel. Even worse, now when I put it back together ptesario first it turns on perfectly normal, but after a few minutes and reboot… nothing.

It seems to be made in such a way that the motherboard warps over time from the heat, breaking the solder points on the chips. The graphics chip is soldered to the motherboard. Next morning I unwrapped the laptop AND….

Fixing Compaq motherboard video | Laptop Repair

The light on the power button is visible only when the computer is open. I then let the motherboard and oven cool with the door partially open for ten minutes then took the tray out to cool for another 15 minutes the smell was not good, and the fan wires had melted.


While you may get lucky and get the GPU to seat, it is just as likely that some other part of the systemboard will drop a component when the tray is removed from the oven. The article is in compq weblog, follow this link: I took it in a while back when the Wireless went out and they said that the motherboard was burnt up practically. But alternatively they use also heat guns so that they can heat up only targeting graphic chips or specific parts of mobos.

Thanks so much for the info.

The gold triangle 3 on the processor must be aligned with the triangle icon 4 embossed on the processor socket when you install the processor. To clean fan I remove fan b6500 Geforce Go drivers for XP. I have been measuring the AC adapter with analog multitester, there indicate approximately 21vdc while behind the laptop shows 19vdc.