The Curv-Flex has been widely used for marking culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets. The recessed area on each side provides extra protection for decals making the post visible from any direction. For clear identification of pipeline routes in flat or open terrain, rural and agricultural areas, the Carsonite High Visibility Panel Marker is the ideal choice. Perfect for dual-sided identification of direct buried utility services, the Dual-Sided Utility Marker has a cross sectional profile with a flat central web to which a recessed warning message may be applied. A special Perma-Post introductory kit is available. A special Utility I. Noise reduction, optional security features, wide variety of RAL colors available, spans up to 18 feet, Graffiti resistant, Low maintenance, will not rust, rot or corrode, lightweight and easily installed with minimal equipment and crew.

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Carsonite model PPM PermaPost durable utility marker

The raised, reinforced ribs along each side will prevent scratching or removal of legend pozt impacted. Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways.

Rectifier Utiloty Test Station Monitors. Our most flexible marker available, the Carsonite Curv-Flex is the ideal choice for utility marking when impacts from vehicles and equipment are likely. The raised reinforced ribs along each side will prevent scratching or removal of legend upon impact. The Carsonite Utility I. S and Canada only Call our National Headquarters The marker also aids in locating pedestals in areas of deep snow or overgrown vegetation.


We appreciate your feedback! For high visibility and easy identification of underground utility lines, the Carsonite Utility Marker is the perfect choice.

This trademarked three-rail design combines structural integrity with above ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals. The system lets you design non-conductive barriers, including gates, door assemblies and other features to fit your specific needs. Post The Carsonite Utility I. Because of its design, installation is easy. This means that customers can be assured that whenever they purchase Carsonite marking products, they will receive the finest ytility products available anywhere!

Carsonite uses UV-resistant inks on both the direct graphics and decals. Mark underground facilities and right-of-way locations with Carsonite’s LineMarker. A special Utility I. A highly visible marker, the Carsonite Carsonire is designed for applications where o visibility is required. A special Perma-Post introductory kit is available. Graphics can be printed directly on Carsonite’s utility markers or use Carsonite high quality decals.

Utility Marker

CRM — High Performance Utility Marker Impact resistant, three rail marker Utiilty Utility Marker, with its three-rail design, was the first fiberglass composite utility marker in the industry and remains the most widely used fiberglass marker on the market.


A special Utility Marker introductory kit is available.

The combination of a colored post and a warning decal make the message extremely visible in areas of overgrown vegetation or if buried in the snow. The Perma-Post can also be adapted for use as a cathodic protection test station or bonding and grounding pedestal marker.


The most flexible marker available. The Perma-Post is a highly visible 4-sided composite marker that can be used to identify fiber optic lines, high priority pipelines, and other underground facilities. Reset Cancel Submit Sending The Sign Support composite construction resists vandalism, severe temperature changes, and UV degradation. CRM30 The most flexible marker available. Simply insert a power or manual driver into the Carsonige steel anchor and drive the post into the ground.

Two flat surfaces are provided for any decal application needed. Great values Huge selection Order today. RetroFit Enhancer Carsonite’s RetroFit Enhancer caronite a fast, easy and cost-efficient solution to update company information on utility markers and avoid federal fines.

Easy to install and lightweight for ease of transportation in the field.