I thought it was worth a try as a last resort in “ergonomic keyboards. As far as the exact model number I can’t remember As long as we’re talking about “normal” keys, i. If I crank the massage action up so that my back feels good, then there is too much vibration and I literally cannot focus on the monitor. I tried it for a couple of hours and despised it, so I switched back to my regular HP keyboard. Maybe you could call a Philips tech support person and ask. Summary of the content on the page No.

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If you are still unsure, please beliin to your hardware manual. I’ve had to use that type of keyboard before where you have to push too hard on the keys – not good! Maybe you could call a Philips tech support person and ask. Is it similar to that? All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufac. Got it at Staples. Sign in Already have an account?

Has anyone else tried a Belkin ergonomic keyboard, and if so, did you find you had to literally slam your thumb into the space bar in order to have it work correctly? They are just too pricey if they don’t get the job done!


fe8208 The keys are sideways and I thought it would take me forever to get used to it, but it didn’t! I have a Belkin and it works great. I would log in on the machine and pick up the jobs to transcribe.

There’s a tech number in the manual and on their website. I absolutely love my new job but I know my health has to come first. To avoi Summary of the content on the page No. Table of Contents En English. Belkin Wired Computer Mice.

It might be that the Vonage isn’t compatible. See how your hands naturally position themselves at a slight inward angle toward each other?

Belkin F8E Wired Keyboard | eBay

Signal is strong from the router to the wireless too. Mine is a refurb, but it’s good as new. Just an FYI if anyone has been looking for foam things.

Different strokes I guess. I spent forever rolling chair back and forth between computers. I know I sound like a feeb, but I just don’t know where to look to buy this. Unlimited calling and no restrictions on my internet usage. I used one a long time ago. Can anyone steer blkin in the right direction?


Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, USB

You are right, emptying the cannister can be a little messy – I do what you do and go outside, use a plastic grocery bag to empty it in or better yet have husband do it as I, too, have severe allergies. I think I’m going to just have to deal with it. Posted October 8, Have my work computer, home computer and mom’s computer upstairs linked to it. Would you share the exact name -sm – Interested If you Google it, you will come up with tons of places to buy it from.

I have an older model sm Can’t use it while I’m typing.

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