I should mention that I also got the horns with this deal, but it still is expensive. Your name or email address: Call GPA for a quote on remagging and installing new phragms, you might be pleasantly surprised, you might also inquire about current price, and the new re-release of the alnico G and it’s price. Ordered ND crossover from ebay. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

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Interesting and a good find. Gang-TwangerMay 7, Ordered ND crossover from ebay.

altec g question

BTW would you also happen to know of a place where I can get the magnets recharged up here in Canada or is there only great plains audio?

You should model your network on one of Altecs that are known to work with the components 802r have.

He did say that he was in contact with the previous owner, as he had them rebuilt else were [not mentioning the company] But to be fair a refund, enought to repair the drivers, and I will be happy, as mentioned in the above posts, best to send them in to GPA, and I think that is what I will be doing.

EarlK ps ; If it’s this eBay purchasethen send them back and get your money returned to you before it’s too late. However, if you plan to use an hz or lower crossover point, several folks as well 802c myself prefer the smoothness of these alnico drivers, to our ears they play more honestly at the low end of their BW and give a better overall tonal balance when paired with the complimentary altec bass drivers.


The other drive diaphram that can play loud looks good. But it will still cost me as I can not get out the steel screen particals, the magnet is 802s strong, I have tryed high presure air and sticky tape. I would further have to guess alteec the diaphragm material itself, it’s thickness, and method of being formed are not held to nearly as close tolerances as in genuine Altec and GPA phragms.

With the plugged screen, I find one driver sounds harsh or sharp, compared to the other one. Can you post some pics??

A long, but quite worthwhile read on the Lansing site. The time now is Ed, You are right about the mid-range.

Hanging from 802c porch of the ranch house, they’d make a worthy dinner bell to call the hands, but firmly secured, that’s what the holes are for, resonances are minimal. I think they are suppose to be on the, side were it mounts on the horn, but both are D’s, the other one has the the screen on the horn side and in good conditon.

Altec 802D

There were many “discoveries” in that thread, prime among them a new perspective as to whether NF is an 8- or a Ohm crossover. The obvious tilt of the voice-coil “off-of-perpendicular” shown in the above picture just about guarantees that this diaphragm is rubbing within the gap which helps explain its lower output.


Your name or email address: ZilchMay 9, No, altc an account now. HiFiCanadaMay 7, So I will wait and see what the sellers reply to that is. Anyone know the 802 between NE and ND?

And I will also get in touch with Great Plains Audio to see what they have to say about their Pascalite diaphragm vs the original one aluminum I used the Altec “Bridged-T” filter in a prototype for another design just last week. I am considering buying a tim rawson gainclone alfec they are fairly cheap and could always use it in a different 802c if ever i’m not completely satisfied, but it would be nice to know the sensitivity and recommended power before I make a move.

Altec Vintage Audio & Video | eBay

However, there are a couple of ND crossover networks on sale on Ebay. HiFiCanadaMay 10, Yes, my password is: Hopefully the diaphragm is an Altec phragm, I’ve run into too many that are cheapo aftermarkets that aren’t any good.

aptec You must log in or sign up to reply here. I then can post the picture and we can see what diaphram it is.

EarlKMay 15,