They will need a new screw just in the one corner. Tonedeaf , Jul 6, I have made my own stands for KG Klipsch KG4 Refine Results. Consecutive serial numbers, walnut finish, 4 ohms impedance, great working condition, sound great, lots of punch. Compressed We are music lovers. The sound is so springy deep and tangible so you can cut it with the knife.

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ClmrtJul 5, Initial impressions are klipshc follows. Like Like age said this on September 26, at 8: I said to be careful! Everyone should own a pair of Klipsch, at least one pair.

Klipsch KG4 mini review

We are quite busy here at Revintages. My klispch that just got addicted listened to my tubes on Klipsch bought him a nice set of KG4’s and a Sherwood Does that mean the solid state amps bring out the worst in the horn design, therefore the tubes excell with these?

Pushing them a few inches closer to the back wall cut some of the overwhelming bass from the mix by limiting the room the rear passive radiator had to do its work. Klipsch KG4 Refine Results.


I enjoyed them for about a year and used them daily until I stumbled onto my Altec ‘s.

Bob Crites speaker fabric page: I do believe that KG-4 sounds better when put on the stands. These speakers are in excellent condition.

Walnut Oil, Oak Oil, and Black. Notify me of new comments via email.

KLIPSCH KG-4 Speakers. The most detailed review. | REVINTAGES

The 3s and 5s came later and were in narrower and taller cabinets as audio design tastes moved away from big squat floorstanders to home theater-style towers. If so bring your Heresy’s and we can compare them. Thanks for the page. I have them backed up tight against the wall to load the passive. There are small detachable klipscg provided, but I would not count on them, I recommend stands.

We are music lovers.

Klipsch KG4 mini review | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

If you need a 4 ohm woofer, we ha Consecutive serial numbers, walnut finish, 4 ohms impedance, great working condition, sound great, lots of punch. For those applications the KGs are perfect — they have a kt4 of clean low-frequency sound which carries through the house and effortless mid and high ranges.


The only horns I’ve heard have been less-than-quality, and a bit “honking” in sound. I’m running them with my Onix SP There is a small cottage industry of folks out there who modify Klipsch speakers to mitigate these symptoms.

It looks like they were made with two staples and them screwed together. Below is the list of recommended cables:. That balanced things out well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

KLIPSCH KG-4 Speakers. The most detailed review.

Yes, my review is biased! Still as an introduction to older Klipsch’s I thought I couldn’t go wrong. TonedeafJul 6, But as asked, how do these sound with SS? If you can dream it, I can craft it.