I would suggest that the cable be lengthened if possible. A capital letter “D” appeared in my systray at the bottom of my screen, indicating the Echo Console “virtual control surface” device was installed. While having the breakout box is very handy, I was frustrated by how short the provided cable was. The user can solo S , mute M and gang G the stereo pair with the buttons provided in each window. This took all of three minutes. Echo has chosen its converters well. Sign in to disable this ad.

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My search here on the Echo Darla brought some older info about models that did not have balanced ins and outs and one that said it only accepted digital ins and I panicked until I rechecked the specs on the box.

I then added some handdrum percussion, a simple electric guitar fill, and lastly a lead guitar track. Damn, I paid twice that for my Echo Mia. The option I finally chose was to put a little pedestal next to my PC for the breakout box.

In testing a soundcard, darla4 of the most important things to consider is what it does not bring to the recording. You got one helluva deal Eecho was ready to go.

This took all of three minutes.

echoaudio – Debian Wiki

Echo provides a special, ultra-shielded connector cable with the card that it says will function better than typical connector cables. The input monitoring window has a buttons that correspond to the output pair. There are obvious recording limits with only two inputs. For instance, recording more than two instruments at once into separate tracks is impossible – – though, a good multi-input stereo mixer usually suffices.


The best thing that can be said for any soundcard is that you do not know it echk there when you record. Overall, this card with its bundled software competes very well with other cards in its price range and will provide professional quality recordings for its users.

– – your best source for information on the Digital Audio Workstation.

The only downside to this purchase would be the lack of support from Echo for the discontinued card. I was not disappointed. Many studios, like mine, may include both types of equipment.

I recorded a basic drum track with the Drop and Drag Drummer and then began to add instruments to it. The bundled Cool Edit Pro SE, is an adequate starter software and will get you up and recording quickly.

All in all, the card is transparent and accurate.

Overall, the audio spectrum was evenly represented, with beefy lows and crisp highs. Yeah, because most discontinued cards get new drivers every 4 months. The user can set different input monitoring levels for each output pair, the Console will remember each echp setting.

This is all well and good but this one is too short. Performance Specifications Frequency Response: Echo updates their drivers quite regularly so I went to their website and downloaded the latest driver, version 5.


Results 1 to 10 of I did not discern any significant “coloration” of the audio caused by the Darla Enter your search terms Submit search form. The breakout box is handy to have and certainly better than having to bend behind your PC.

ECHO Darla 24 Event 24-bit/96khz Professional Digital Multitrack Recorder MINT

This was a mixed-blessing because now my feet were in the way. My Gina 20 is WAY older than that and still works fine. The user can solo Smute M and gang G the stereo pair with the buttons provided in each window. I used my acoustic guitar, running it through my mixer and daroa24 the Darla24 inputs.

If you need fcho inputs and multiple outputs on a straight analog card and cannot spend a lot of money, the Darla24 would be terrific choice. All times are GMT These are high-performance converters and work well in this system as you will see.