From Ebay it starts something like 14 bucks or euros. Good that you looked at this! Check that the USB to serial converter shows up in Vera Another thumbs up for Mark’s cables and other products. See this topic how the pinout should be. But I am very happy with our forum member Geniusintraining’s cables. I really should make a New VM.

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Originally Posted by dmroeder My choice http: Deltafo to see it is working and everything behaves as expected! Do you have the logs from the moment you connected the new cable? You don’t even have to download drivers as Windows automatically download them using Windows Update.


But it clearly identifies the ‘PL’ as the problem. You had me worried June 24, For the programmer software, e.

That one looks good. Thanks for any help!

I really should make a New VM. Just wait for the new cable. See this topic how the pinout should be. Looks like that did it!


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DELTACO USB-sarja-adapteri, RS-232 DB9u, jatkokaapeli 0,7m, musta

I use the Omron one and it has worked on everything I have thrown at it. Clear both variables ‘CommExceptions’ and ‘CommLastException’ just tried it and it filled everything in Expensive but Bombproof http: Tripplite is Made By Keys pan. Good that you looked at this! Best USB to serial adapter? Not starting due deltavo too many communcation errors.

FTDI based ones are safe. And after reload I get ” Not starting due to too many communcation errors. Are there any specific settings on the Define Coms on the alarm that maybe i am setting wrong? Hi Guys, I have tried searching the forums, but have not found much. No, nothing special that you need to set. Did you miss your activation email?

If the pinout numbers are the numbers of the RJ45 connector, then it explains why it doesn’t work. I’m using these adapters: It’s using the FTDI chipset: But I am very happy with our forum member Geniusintraining’s cables.


Thanks Paul, I will include one free with your next order, they are very good, low cost and have a lifetime replacement if they ever fail like the rest of our cables.

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There are cheap rip-offs around of PLs. Last question as my wife is giving me hell about looking at this soo much and dletaco doesn’t work After a while I get ” Lua Startup Failure “. I have only found one device that the Keyspan won’t work with.