WEP64 is just as effective against all but the most determined hackers, but those people will break through your WPA code as well. First, you have to have the proper maintanence on your OS this is obvious and secondly, your adapter driver has to support it. For all practical purposes, WPA is overkill. Just disable the built in wireless adapter in the hardware setup. I expect that will change in the next year, but til then, it’s simply an interesting thing to watch.

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In your position I’d be using WAP.

WPA Rainbow Tables (Offensive Security) – Security Database

Actiontec became or sold to Intersil which was sold to Conexant. Oh, be sure to ask them if the mini PCI card is upgradeable with a newer model some are and some aren’t. Would you notice that vehicle and it wouldn’t have to be a delivery van but could be a run of the mill minivan or even something as inconspicous as a Mazda Miata, was only parked there for 5 minutes?

This change was done in an effort to make the forum easier to use and to keep only the most helpful and recent content active. Update – There are now finally Not saying you laptop doesn’t have this particular hardware since I have no idea exactly what you’re running. Was it the right choice? I expect that will change in the next year, but til then, it’s simply an interesting thing to watch.

No drivers for WPA for this old thing I keep most sensitive info off computer, but my kids are on it all the time and don’t necessarily know what they are doing, also, my wife is prone to making purchases such as Simon Delivers groceries and anyone that sees this truck knows she conexanh be on line the day condxant with credit card in hand, so to speak. Baric, thanks for the help.


So although WEP is easily broken, one can still limit access to transmitted data and thus the practical effect of using WEP along with all the other things makes one’s sensitive data reasonably secure, surely? Probably buy a new laptop soon anyway, any recommendations? And I don’t much care if anyone reads my email; it would be pretty boring: But I’m retired, home all day except when travelling which happens quite a lot ;-and as I said I’m at the end of a cul de sac in a very quiet neighbourhood.

I was simply suggesting that you get the very latest drivers and BIOS and then check. Am using Vonage here How do i change my thinkpad wireless to access my new comcast bb with the linksys router in WPA mode???????

Wireless adapters/Chipset table

There are several colleges around to, with smart bored 20 wpz olds that might be looking for a challenge?? I just bought a new Apple 15″ Powerbook.

For those who never install Windows’ updates shame on you, you know who you are! Presumably this takes some time, so in a quiet neighbourhood like mine I live at the ocnexant of a cul de sac I’d probably notice the van sitting outside for that length of time.

Up to you to plug you’re own serial number into the IBM support site and see the list of drivers that are available.

I see this as a similar situation to securing my house – I lock my doors and switch lights on and off randomly to give the impression someone’s there when there isn’t, but there’s no way I can guarantee that a determined burglar can’t get in when I’m away. I just heard back from Actiontec, IBM is supposed to have all of the drivers and firmware updates for my adapter, however they don’t have one with WPA.


I also protect myself by not having lots of valuable stuff so the incentives are low: At this point in time, WPA is still king.

For your information, WEP any key length is very easliy broken, there are many programs freely available on the Net that can break WEP encryption inside a few minutes. Wireless networks protected with WEP are essentially the same as unprotected wireless networks.

WEP64 is just as effective against all but the most determined hackers, but those people will break through your WPA code as well. You’re better off searching the forums for “VOIP”, there have been lots of discussions on this over the last few months.

I bought the linksys card and will disable the imbedded. They only want access to your ISP through a high speed connection to do their illegal work which might be pushing kiddie p0rn or spamming or breaking into some business network. Those guys are VERY good. So even if they break the WEP keys, they would have to sit outside when I’m transmitting sensitive data like a credit card number in order to significantly harm me; however, these transmissions are pretty much always strongly encrypted by the merchant.

I turned it off and everything works great, but if I turn it on again as I add more linked items to the router I would like to filter them, or is conecant unnecessary.