I guess your modem isn’t U10C model. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. JB is it recieveing light coming on what lights are on exactly? LMAO January 26, , I was able to access the modem settings, but there is no factory reset. Also, does it always happen?

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I was able to access the modem settings, but there is no factory reset. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a aftermarket cooler or fan for this item?

June 23,5: Flashing — The cable modem is receiving data from the internet During initialization, LED flashes slowly to indicate that the cable modem is searching for a downstream channel. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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I first turned both the modem and the router off. My cable modem logs during the lock up and after power cycling: Found and cured the problem by putting new splitter in outside box plus new cables, new splitter in the attic degrees outside movem then run a dedicated line to the computer.

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Rental car lied to me! Its there to let you know the two are talking to each other. It sounds like we have different issues.

I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem too. John Perry May 13,7: Then I turned the router on followed by the modem a minute or so later. About a month ago, I exchanged my Ambit for a Motorola Surfboard at my local TW center and the internet drops immediately went away as I was also a victim of this when Powerboost started in my area.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Ambit 60678E

About Contact Privacy Policy. Nearly 1 week now with my new Motorola, and not a single issue. I would manually have to reboot the modem since I could tell moddem no internet activity.

This seems to have helped. I was able to use it in California but not here. This did not work, but turning the router off and on again while the modem remained on did the trick. Internet has been fine since then. Off — modem is not receiving power On — modem power is activated and receiving power.


Sandy November 28,4: Hello Walt I have a small problem. I’ve always had a 92mm computer case fan on my modems, so not sure about it being cooler. I guess your modem isn’t U10C model.

Dedicated cable moeem the problem. Sorry, I meant cooler as “radder”. Carlos Salas July 23,2: The U10 unit gets very hot.

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Those are changes that are pushed by your cable company to the modem. Steve December 23, Mine only happens during downloads. We’ll see if that does any good.

Cabke to antdude Premium Member Nov 2: