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Among emergent diseases, the spectre of which is already haunting Pakistani society are the dreaded killers aids and Hepatitis. The ministry of health has so far not taken any corrective measures in this..
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Deadline: Ended Award: Varies Ended Varies Barbara. Deadline: Ended Award: Varies Ended Varies Beatrice and Donald E Leffler Award This renewable scholarship recognizes an incoming freshman committed to a career in elementary education..
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Four to five times a year we practice what we would do if our school were ever to be involved in an active shooter situation. I spent two years teaching in a..
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Essay on why people attend college or university

essay on why people attend college or university

you think we have missed in the comment section. The first reason why I think people attend college or university is because they want to prepare for their career. For many people, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skill and experience. I think all these are major reasons why people attend colleges and universities. In this modern era, the opportunity to get a good job is impossible without professional studies. Written by - Jayesh Joseph Sample Answer 21: Education is an inevitable part of human being in this modern era, the main reason for this is to gain a better job. Going to show more content, many college students choose to also get more than one degree while attending college to earn more income and further their education. There is always an opposite side of a coin.

However, there are different type and status of people who are attending colleges and universities for different purposes. On the contrast, high school educations tend to focus more on a board but a relatively shallow understanding of various subjects. This motivation might be directed to a clearly set goal, such as working on a new kind of propulsion engine that might enable interplanetary space travel or it might be more of a general kind, such as understanding the appropriate application of ethical principles. Why people attend colleges or universities?

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First of all, by taking courses or program at college, students gain strong knowledge in their fields of professional interest. Model Answer 1: People primarily enrol in a college or university to achieve the necessary education and degree they require to build a career. Most of these learners turn researchers and help the progress of the world. Also, for those who think that their reason for going to school is for career preparation. College graduates are getting better wages and job openings than those of high school graduates (Presidents Perspective: Show More). At colleges, they meet new people from many different places, races and cultures. Sample Answer 11: Certain negative effects of video games essay psychology people think they attend colleges/universities to gain knowledge whereas some other people think to prepare for their career. While the median annual wage for a person with a doctoral or professional degree in 2010 was 87,500 Employment by Education and Training Assignment, 2010 and Projected 2020.

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